A resolution passed by Northeast Region Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (NERCPA) to open Northeast chapter of SRI has been received by SRI recently.

SRI is a knowledge sharing platform for the Members of Parliament with domain experts. It seeks to assist members of Parliament in playing a more effective role in law-making, parliamentary debates, oversight of governance and to respond to the ever increasing, ever more complex issues of national and international importance.

It is an organ of the Lok Sabha that works under the guidancve and supervision of the Hon’ble Speaker of the Lok Sabha.  SRI has at present nine members (hyperlink to the members’ page).  Each member is an acknowledged expert in his field.  It is served by a dedicated administrative team of the Lok Sabha Secretariat.

SRI have following objectives :-

  1. Identify core areas/issues of long term, strategic, policy significance as well as of topical importance.
  2. Generate high quality research inputs and make available latest, critical knowledge and expertise to members of both the Houses of Parliament for information dissemination, knowledge sharing and capacity building.
  3. Devise interactive, participatory mechanisms for effective knowledge sharing amongst the members.
  4. Any other matter related to (i), (ii) and (iii) above or incidental, thereto, assigned to SRI by hon’ble Speaker, Lok Sabha from time to time.

Lok Sabha Internship Programme has been started under the auspices of SRI. The Internship Scheme is aimed at providing an opportunity to young talent in the country, both students and non-students with outstanding academic credentials, to acquaint them with the working of parliamentary democracy and the parliamentary procedures; and to train them to contribute towards generation of research inputs for members of Parliament. These interns are engaged for one month or three months duration. They are selected by Lok Sabha Secretariat and deployed in its various divisions. Interested interns are also given extended term and deployed in SRI so as to generate high quality research inputs for SRI as well as Parliamentary Committees.

The Fellowship Scheme is for scholars with outstanding academic record or for experts in their respective domains. They are selected by the Fellowship Committee in Lok Sabha Secretariat. The Fellows work under the guidance of research officers in Lok Sabha Secretariat on the subjects approved by the Fellowship Committee with the aim of producing books on subjects related to parliamentary democracy.

Yes, the power point presentation, visuals, videos, Reports of discussion, and other publications of SRI are uploaded from time to time on the website of SRI.

SRI’s workshops are open for Members of both the Houses of Parliament and Members of Indian Parliamentary Group (IPG).