SRI Cell

SRI Cell has been created to look after the work pertaining to SRI. The functions of SRI Cell include;

  1. Providing secretarial assistance to SRI for arrangement of workshops/seminars/meetings, to facilitate interaction of members of parliament with domain experts and matters incidental thereto,
  2. Co-ordinating with various institutes/domain experts for consultation with members of parliament as and when required,
  3. To bring out publications on the various endeavours of the Initiative.

Following officials are looking after the work pertaining to SRI-

  • Shri Ganapati Bhat - Additional Secretary
  • Smt. Kalpana Sharma - Joint Secretary
  • Dr. D.K. Singh - Joint Secretary
  • Dr. R. N. Das - Director
  • Dr. Vatsala J. Pande - Director
  • Smt. A. Jyothirmayi - Additional Director
  • Smt. Asha Jaipal Singh - Joint Director
  • Smt.Sunanda Chatterjee - Deputy Secretary
  • Shri Balram Sahu - Research Officer
  • Shri Anunay Kumar - Senior Executive Assistant
  • Shri Gaurav Attray - Executive Assistant
  • Shri Ayekpam Surbanta Meitei - Senior Library Assistant
  • Shri Hitesh Nariya - 2nd PA to HS
  • Shri Pramod Kumar - Personal Assistant