SRI Website Launch

"In this age of instant and constant communication it is essential that the Speaker's Research Initiative (SRI) and the members of Parliament remain seamlessly connected and in a communicative mode. I am confident, therefore, that the MPs would make full use of this SRI website we are launching today."  With these words the Hon'ble Speaker, Shrimati Sumitra Mahajan, launched the website of SRI in the Speaker's meeting room on Friday, August 11, 2017.

Members of the SRI and senior officials of Lok Sabha, including the Secretary General, Shri Anoop Mishra, were present on the occasion.

Going through the various sections of the website, Shrimati Mahajan called upon the SRI members as well as the team to keep in close contact with the MPs to seek their views, important issues on their minds as well as to keep coming up with issues of national importance on which dynamic interactions with the members could be organised. She also called for better research and for getting more eminent experts in various domains to be brought on board.

We should aim at making the best expertise and knowledge in all important domains of knowledge and national life available to the members of Parliament, she said.

She also exhorted the members of Parliament to cooperate actively with SRI in making this possible by suggesting topics and issues that they would like SRI to take up.

Hon'ble Speaker also expressed the hope that the website will prove to be a fruitful window on SRI to the Parliaments and similar bodies of the world, and would lead to greater cooperation and wider discourse on global and regional issues.

Webpage Launch
Speaker's meeting room